[DC-Users] Strap yourselves in, boys. Planned maintenance during the night of 2/3 February

DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Tue Jan 31 22:34:49 CET 2017

Happy new year !

=== Planned maintenance ===

In order to apply updates, all servers will be restarted during the
night of Thursday 2 and Friday 3 February.

Restarts will be performed one by one in the following order: Orfeo,
Thorfinn, Jinta, Toushirou.

All services will be affected, hopefully services with some redundancy
will remain available:
- mail (redundancy: mx1.duckcorp.org, mx4.duckcorp.org)
- websites
- DNS (redundancy)
- IRC (redundancy: irc1.duckcorp.org, irc2.duckcorp.org)
- Bip
- IRC2IM gateway
- Jabber
- PostgreSQL
- LDAP (redundancy)
sorry for the inconvenience.

=== Orfeo: accommodation ===

Thanks to Hivane, Orfeo has now a more durable location. Again, big
thank to Hivane for the hosting, you may want to consider making a
donation to them [1].

=== Orfeo: new IPv4 address ===

Soon, the main IPv4 address of Orfeo will be changed from
to The new IPv4 is already added, we still need to
update the DNS configuration.

[1] http://www.hivane.net/donate.html


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