[DC-Users] This is not an idle threat! Planned outage: Orfeo 2016-02-26

DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Thu Feb 25 03:11:51 CET 2016


=== Planned outage ===

Our most important machine, Orfeo, is gonna be kicked out of its cosy
sponsored place: Orfeo will be moved on 2016-02-26 in the afternoon to a
new short term hosting. Big thanks to Hivane for the short term hosting.

A few services will be unavailable:
- mail (mx1.duckcorp.org)
- websites (webmail, lists, webdesk, web IRC)
- DNS (but Toushirou should handle)
- IRC (but Jinta should handle),
- Jabber (but Thorfinn should handle),
- PostgreSQL
- IRC2IM gateway
- LDAP (but other nodes should handle in read-only mode),
- NTP,
sorry for the inconvenience.


=== Still Looking for Sponsoring ===

The new accommodation is temporarily, Orfeo will be moved again before
this summer. If you have any knowledge about generous people who may
be willing to host this small (1U) machine, please tell us.



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