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Mon Mar 10 13:02:14 CET 2014


=== Plans for the Futur\WPresent ===

Toushirou is a bit overloaded. After some care it is stable again, but  
it really needs some help.

Besides, Thorfinn is a VDS gained/included in my ADSL offer, and I  
need to be free to move in the future.

I wish we could have been able to rack a machine Finger kindly  
obtained for us, but we failed on this (we asked a lot of people for  
sponsoring but to no avail). Thus I've asked Hivane to provide us two  
VDS in order to handle this situation fast. One of them may still be  
transferred to a real machine one day. Hivane kindly accepted and  
created them lightning fast.

Thus, several services will move to Jinta (revival), with almost no  
   - our dico will still be accessible from http://dico.duckcorp.org/  
but the DICT server will move to dict.dc.o
   - same for the streaming service https://radio.duckcorp.org/ and stream.dc.o

Later, user shells and bots will move to Thorfinn (NG); we'll send  
further instructions and schedule soon.

=== Future Maintenance ===

Orfeo will be rebooted on 2014-04-05/06 on a new kernel (security…).

=== Blogs are not for Sissies ===

Seems several of you still like writing. We had an old blog engine  
used for HurdFr which was crumbling into pieces, so we resurrected  
this service with a maintained software and opened it to all DC users.  
It is not well tested yet but should work fine. Ask if you need an  

=== XMPP is dead, long live XMPP! ===

We've had a hard time keeping the XMPP service working properly and we  
decided such workload was not acceptable anymore. We found another  
software to take the place and it seems to work nicely ever since. We  
lost the cluster functionality, which means there is only one single  
node and point of failure, but better than multiple failing nodes.

Please note the obsolete MSN gateway was removed in the process.

=== Quick News ===

* News fetch frequency was too high (5min) and was changed to 30min  
(helping cooling down Toushirou)
* Mail indexing has been much improved, and should be more accurate  
and faster than before
* stuff.dc.o was improved:
   - new Firefox Sync application (please note it is incompatible with  
the bookmark application because FFS data are encrypted in your  
browser and then unusable for any app)
   - interface was adapted to better work on touchpads even though  
moving files is still not user-friendly on such devices
   - interface is now Japanese-friendly
* web:
   - mod_fcgi has been removed, as previously announced
   - xcache (PHP accelerator) was disabled because it breaks badly  
(see Debian#739789), sorry if you're using its API; we hope to  
reenable it soon (and regain some speed in the process)
* filesystem migration to ext4 is done now

That's all for now. Have a pleasant time.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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