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=== Sponsoring ===

Recently i told you about some difficulties our main sponsor, Hivane,  
had to get its network equipement updated in order to fix several  
problems getting more and more annoying. The good news is the new  
equipements have been bought and should be installed in a near future.  
Just let's say Hivane folks had to spend a few thousand euros from  
their own pockets to get to the huge required amount needed, so if you  
feel like helping a little bit, it would be much appreciated.

Seems good news cannot come alone, so i'm quite sad to tell you Nerim  
is stopping all sponsoring very soon. Hivane is much concerned and is  
trying hard to cope with such a loss. Thanks Nerim for the past help  
and thanks Hivane guys for all their efforts. DuckCorp itself may  
l00se a few things in the process, depending on how things goes well  
for Hivane and how deep Nerim is cleaning things up. We'll of course  
keep you in touch when we have more information.

=== Personal data Storing / Syncing / Sharing ===

A new major version of our contacts/calendar/file sharing software was  
recently installed. This brings a few needed bug fixes and  
improvements as well as security fixes. Unfortunately, this also bring  
new problems:
   - the contact application in the web interface does not work well  
under Iceweasel/Firefox 10 which is in the upcoming Debian stable, but  
works well in version 15 (versions beetween 10 and 15 were not tested)
   - the contact application in the web interface has a major  
regression[1] when using multiple addressbooks: you cannot see or  
change in which addressbook a contact is in; you will have to handle  
this on one of your devices (phone
) instead of the web interface.

Major improvements since the begining of the year:
   * sharing was much improved and fixed
   * you can now create your own private groups to easily share with  
multiple contacts
   * the shorty's plugin was repaired
   * a new Notes plugin was added (test it and give us some feedback)

[1] https://github.com/owncloud/apps/issues/577

=== Quick News ===

* gallery spaces (quotas) have been increased \o/
* chitchat.milkypond.org is mostly working since the end of january,  
but don't setup your location or

Still reading that crap? Get a life!

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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