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=== Migrations ===

- [2012-12-15] for fixes and security we'll try to reboot all servers  
; as usual, follow announces on IRC
- [2012-12-15] PHP 5.3->5.4 was postponed because of bugs, but we'll  
try again to switch on Toushirou ; on Orfeo horde is keeping us locked  
with 5.3 at the moment (Horde 4 is not completely available in Debian  

=== Quick News ===

- [a few days ago] Daneel, one of the backup machines, is dead. It is  
not a big deal for DC, since Korutopi is working fine, but it was a  
wanted redundancy. It was also running the supervision services, which  
was quite useful to the admin team. A solution is being worked around.
- [recently] the WevDAV access to the Gallery folders has been fixed,  
rendering access to local files useless, which is to be removed on  
2012-12-29 (so check if you still have unsaved files there before it  
is purged)
- [between 2012-11-21 and 2012-11-23 ] XMPP/jabber was ill and behaved  
badly, it has been fix^Wsolv^Wgoodified
- [recently] for shell users: MOSH support has been added, see  
- [during the recent months] stuff.mp.o, the contact/calendar/stuff/
webapp has been upgraded and should provide a more reliable service,  
with further sharing options

=== Call for Help ===

As always, some help would be much appreciated. Money is of course  
welcome, but we're still looking for another admin team member if you  
think you can fill in the gap.

Another way to help us is to help our main sponsor Hivane. Hivane is  
giving us connectivity between our servers with lot's of bandwidth and  
a high level of customization. This year, they had a few technical  
problems. It was not a big deal because they made themselves available  
very quickly and fixed problems efficiently, thanks for that.  
Nevertheless, they also need help to maintain their infrastructure,  
and DC depends on them. If you want more details, just read this page  
(in French) : http://www.hivane.net/help.html

Merry X-mas folks.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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