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=== Quick News ===

* [2011-10-29] the RoundCube webmail was upgraded, bringing  
improvements among which: IMAP ACL support (see previous news on the  
subject) and a better address book
* [2011-11-07] PostreSQL was upgraded to 9.1, which should bring new  
features[1] and performance enhancement; currently the  
'standard_conforming_strings' setting was restored to the old  
behavior, mais check your apps, as it will soon switch back to its new  
and legitimate behavior
* [2011-11-12] our antispam system (DSPAM) was upgraded, with a few  
fixes and much better international(-ization) support in the web  
interface: pages are now fully multilingual (UTF-8) compliant and mail  
subjects (and mail content in the quarantine page) in various foreign  
langages are now properly displayed (recoded); beware only mails  
coming into the system after this software upgrade are concerned by  
this improvement, but it should not be long before it is buried past
* [since 2011-10-10] due to sponsoring problems, Jinta is unavailable  
and will probably not return; this has little impact, but we now lack  
a secondary IRC server
* [2011-11-29] our new IRC web interface, irconweb-ng.duckcorp.org,  
replaced irconweb.duckcorp.org completely, as it is working nicely and  
the old system had a few boring bugs (like not always seeing  
disconnections); thus irconweb-ng has been renamed into irconweb, and  
the old system removed

[1] http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/What%27s_new_in_PostgreSQL_9.1

=== Nuke ===

It's really high time we restart our machines to recent kernels, but  
as it is quite sensitive, it was postponed many times. Here is the  
blessed schedule:
* [2011-12-04] Toushirou, affects web (everything but mail-related  
websites), FTP, VCS, MySQL, IPv6 tunnels, NSTX, shell (but Thorfinn is  
available), DNS (backup only), mail (relay only)
* [2011-12-11] Thorfinn, affects shell (you can switch to Toushirou in  
the meanwhile), IRC proxy and bots, Jabber (but Orfeo should handle)
* [2011-12-18] Orfeo, affects mail, webdesk, DNS (but Toushirou should  
handle), IRC (including IRC2IM gateway), Jabber (but Thorfinn should  
handle), PostgreSQL, LDAP (but other nodes should handle in read-only  

Beware a lengthy disk check is likely to happen, which is necessary  
from time to time, and we may need to reboot more than once for  
technical reasons, so please be patient.

The exact maintenance time will be advertised on IRC, as well as when  
the system is safe to use again.

See you soon if we survive !

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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