[DC-Users] You get off on annoying people, don't you?

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Tue May 17 23:34:10 CEST 2011


Quoting DuckCorp Admin Team <dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org>:

> === Mail ===
> First, it's time for major software upgrades and cleanups, so we'll  
> be  updating a few things this we, causing downtimes on the POP/IMAP  
>  services and incoming mail latency. If you go sunbathing somewhere   
> nice instead of geeking all day long, you won't notice anything bad   
> when you're back, i promise ;-).

Seems we did not manage to break the whole system and l00se all your  
mails in the process :-).

We now have a better IMAP/POP/MANAGESIEVE server, with better  
integrated and improved SIEVE support, better security model, and a  
few new features, among which one is really visible : shared and  
public folders. By the way, we also took some time to write a bit of  
documentation about our mail-related services, as i guess searching  
the mailing-list for piece of details about them is quite boring:
(comments welcome)

Have a lot of fun !

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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