[DC-Users] You get off on annoying people, don't you?

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Fri May 13 00:10:36 CEST 2011


=== Mail ===

First, it's time for major software upgrades and cleanups, so we'll be  
updating a few things this we, causing downtimes on the POP/IMAP  
services and incoming mail latency. If you go sunbathing somewhere  
nice instead of geeking all day long, you won't notice anything bad  
when you're back, i promise ;-).

And you should already have noticed by the end of january that the  
webmail.dc.o application transformed into a portal, adding one more  
choice in the process. Someone asked about having the RoundCube  
webmail software, but at that time it was plain unusuable, so we  
postponed its installation until recently.

=== Backup ===

No housing sponsoring on sight, but space problems occuring once in a  
while. thus we decided to loose extra data security to get more space:  
our important data are not on RAID anymore. It should not be a  
problem, except in case of double disaster, and should hopefully help  
with the current issue.

By the way, you had no way to know which data where saved or not, so a  
new wiki page was created to fill in the gap:
You would notice an interesting feature allowing you to exclude data  
from backup, which could also help reducing backup size if it is not  
useful to do so.

=== Security ===

We were fed-up with SSL certificates and the mighty CAs, so, from now  
on, we do not trust them anymore on our servers. This gave a false  
impression of security when there was none.

=== Database ===

PostgreSQL was successfuly upgraded to 9.0 on 2011-04-06. Do not  
hesitate asking for a database.

=== FTP issues ===

Recently, people without anything better to do in life, or with a  
silly FTP client, caused DOS attacks. Automatic bans have been added  
to mitigate this behavior where previous connection limits could not  
help. Please tell us if you get any problem connecting, so we can  
adjust sensitivity.

Btw, we're still looking for a housing, so if you get a lead, please tell us.


Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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