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DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Sun Jan 9 13:08:05 CET 2011

Coinyear everybody,

Hope you had fun and good food/drink. We wish you plenty of pleasant  
things for 2011.

=== Plans for the Future ===

==== Backup / Stats Machine ====

As the current backup process is done through Duck's personnal ADSL  
connection, borrowing a huge bandwidth, slowing down backup times a  
lot, it is not a very funny situation. Moreover, as data size is  
increasing slowly, we reached a point where the current capacity is  
not enough to keep up with the previous backup granularity. Before  
X-mas, we had to reduce the backup frequency of the big sources of  
data (www, ftp…).

We recently acquired some hardware from a sponsor, which would be  
suited to build two small machines. We plan to use one of them to  
build a machine dedicated to backup and stats, hosted in a datacenter  
in order to get a proper network connection.

For this, we need to buy disks, and find housing.

==== Free Party Machine ====

Currently, DC focus in providing managed services, for users who do  
not care about technical matter, or do not want to bother taking care  
of an infrastructure. We've been suggested that some people might want  
to go a step further and handle some kind of services themselves.  
That's why we plan to acquire a bigger machine in order to provide  
several virtualized hosts.

This is of course a big investment and also requires housing.

=== Call for Help ===

There are three main areas in which you can help us:
* apply for being an administrator (the selection is harsh and not  
only based on technical skills): this is the obvious way for  
non-financial help. A few less-sensitive tasks may also be delegated  
to "admin-helpers".
* give a bit of money: we don't need much, and the goal is to survive  
without a huge recurrent investment. However, once in a not-so-often  
while, we need some to repair or improve things, and currently this is  
the right time for a helping hand
* help us find sponsors: the best way to run smoothly without too much  
financial load, is to find kind and reliable sponsors; so, if you know  
dicks we can suck, please tell us ;-). This is mostly for housing  
purpose, but hardware donations may also help.

Well, this said, and even if DC has no trace in its history of acting  
democratic in any way, you can express yourself and suggest  
improvements. We don't have much feedback, so sometimes it's hard to  
figure out what we could do better.

=== Misc Late News ===

==== Thorfinn Reboot ====

2010-12-27 afternoon, after a long network outage (~1h30) affecting  
Thorfinn, we took advantage of the resulting mess to reboot the  
machine on a new kernel. It should be a bit more secuuuuuuuuuure now.

==== Roaming SMTP Fix ====

Sending emails through GPRS/3G connections using IPs without reverse  
was problematic. Now, when SMTP Auth is used, many such checks are  

Have a Lot of FUN !

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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