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Wed Sep 1 00:37:13 CEST 2010


Hope you had fun during the holidays. For DC Admins too, it's now time  
to go back to work :-/ (laaaaaaaazyyyy).

=== PHP Cleanup ===

As already advertised, the following PHP obsolete "features" are now  
deactivated for ever:
   * register_long_arrays: $HTTP_*_VARS
   * register_argc_argv: $argc / $argv
   * magic_quotes_gpc: "magic quotes"

=== Elwing Rebirth ===

A month ago, one of Elwing's disk died. Unfortunately, he had no RAID  
at that time, and much was lost (but hopefully not so important data).  
After a few problems during the silly not-for-raid WD "desktop-class"  
disks saga, we recently came back to normal operation.

As Elwing was long not very reliable, we changed a few things:
   * the XMPP node was moved to Thorfinn, so that redondancy is  
available again (and not behind an ADSL link)
   * our beloved bots moved to Thorfinn too

That's another step towards proper DL/DC separation, and "nothing  
behind weak links" target.

Please note Daneel had to be shutdown, to make use of his almost  
identical hardware in order to perform the migration. Backup is back  
since 2010-08-25.

=== Antispam Problems ===

Our antispam software (DSPAM) caught a sunstroke and had difficulties  
remembering what you taught him. It is work in progress since a few  
weeks, and we hope to have made improvements (even if the bugs  
probably caused learning problems in the past and results may not be  
visible very quickly). Stay tuned.

More on several other topics later.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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