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Tue Nov 2 01:24:33 CET 2010


It's not yet X-mas time, but we're happy to have a few things done  
each time :-).

=== Toushirou _is_ stable _and_ fast ===

Since very recently, Toushirou's network interfaces are now at 1Gbps  
speed, so no doubt everything will be much faster now ;-).

Unfortunately, network card vendors sux sometimes, and due to a  
firmware bug in the card controller, we had to reboot Toushirou on  
2010-10-29 00:40:00. It should be ok now.

=== Wiki for Users ===

The wiki[1] made for users since the birthday is now mostly closed to  
non-users, in order to put sensitive information on our services if  

[1] https://users.duckcorp.org/

=== NSTX Reloaded ===

Our IP over DNS tunnel software, you know the stuff to break through  
WIFI accesses, was unmaintained didn't work well with recent WIFI  
setups. We've then switched to another software and it seems to work  
much better (SFR Portals 0wned !). Everything needed to use it is now  
in the wiki[2]

[2] https://users.duckcorp.org/index.php/Services/NSTX

=== Antispam Forever ===

After a few fights with bugs in our antispam software, the situation  
has much improved, and learning is working better. If you still get  
many false negatives, remember the software needs to learn both SPAM  
and HAM in order to recognize things well; so you may consider using  
learning on all messages (TEFT mode) for a few weeks.

We also improved our "front-gate rejection filters", in order to avoid  
several false positive conditions.

=== Secuuuuuuuuuuuuuure DNS ===

First, the zone tranfers between our servers are now fully secured.  
Our partner Hivane also upgraded its configuration for us (thanks a  

Second, the zone content can know be signed, to ensure it is not  
altered on the way. We have already secured several DC/MP zones and  
our servers now support extra zone validation (using the DLV  
Registry). From now on, securing SSH accesses using SSHFP (see  
previous news) is now a reality.

If you want to know more about it, or switch your zone to secure, then  
have a look at the wiki[3]

[3] https://users.duckcorp.org/index.php/Services/DNS

=== Misc ===

projects.duckcorp.org, hosting development code and bug trackers, is  
now opened for public registration, allowing hosted projects to share  
with the FOSS community. DC users do not need to register: they can  
login with their LDAP account.

forum.duckcorp.org was unused for a long time, and not useful anymore,  
so it was removed.

That's all Folks!

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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