[DC-Users] In May, Do what you Wanna Do !

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Sat May 1 03:49:33 CEST 2010


=== New Website ===

It has been a great while since we last took care of the official web  
page. No CMS was really that nice, so we decided to revamp it  
completely by hand (or mostly).

It is still an "institutional" site, meant to stay quite static, but  
more opened to the human world. The old and obsolete content was  
removed/updated, so it reflects better what DuckCorp really is like  

=== Changes in the Admin Team ===

Arnau was quite busy for a while, and not very active, so he is now a  
"fallback admin".

Once again, happy volunteers are welcome !

=== Jabber/XMPP Problems ===

Our server had strange problems recently, and was completely broken  
between 2010-04-27 and 2010-04-29. It seems to be "willing" to serve  
us again, so please pray the XMPP god it stays that way.

=== NTP ===

We have been running a stratum 3/4 server since a while, but it was  
not very advertised. Since 2010-04-22, it has been upgraded to stratum  
2, advertised publicly on the ntp.org site, and registered in the pool  
project[1] (public stats[2] available).

=== LDAP Auth ===

The PostgreSQL server is now LDAP-ified, so users can now use their  
global identifiers.

=== Daneel's Disks Saga ===

One of the repared disk died on 2010-04-10, so we keep rotating disks  
until Seagate's warranty proves to be useful...

=== Mail ===

Since 2010-03-24, the maximum message size switched to 10Mo (was  
previously 5Mo), as requested by a few users. Do not forget we've got  
a FTP area for sending BIG files.

=== WebDesk ===

Since a recent Horde upgrade, tasks have been unusuable due to an  
uncompleted database migration. It has been fixed.

That's all folks !

[1] http://www.pool.ntp.org/
[2] http://www.pool.ntp.org/user/DuckCorp

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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