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Thu Jan 7 01:17:48 CET 2010

Coinyear ! :-)

Hope this one would be awesome ;-).

=== Webstats ===

Authentication for webstats was <del>broken</del> a bit sick (due to  
the cold weather probably), and you'll be happy to ear it is cured now.

=== SIEVE Migration ===

In the past the SIEVE protocol (for the MANAGESIEVE service) used the  
TCP port 2000. This port was already used by another common  
application, and SIEVE has been assigned an official port: 4190. We  
plan to switch our service to this new port in the begining of  
february; until then, and starting from now, both ports are available,  
to ease the transition.

=== MySQL Migration ===

We switched from 5.0 to 5.1 yesterday night, and everything went like  
a charm. We didn't test every app/webapp using MySQL, but many were  
tested and seemed to work very well. If you need to adapt your SQL  
code, remember the doc is here:

=== Horde ===

Horde has been added a new module providing comics. The list of  
available strips is the default one provided by the module, but you  
can ask for addition or removal. It would be nice if you could report  
which one you like, so as to reduce the list to an acceptable size  
(and corresponding ressources on the server).

=== Backup failure ===

When i was away, a software problem (still undetermined yet) caused  
the backup to stop functionning at the end of december. Later, while  
we were all busy eating and drinking good stuff, a disk just died.  
Hopefully, thanks to RAID, nothing was lost, and the disk was replaced  
this evening. The service has been restarted and things you come back  
to normal soon.

=== Bitlbee is DEAD ===

Bitlbee software is mostly unmaintained. When Yahoo! or another  
naughty provider changes its protocol, it is quite a pain to get a fix  
(and sometimes you've got to wait weeks without been able to connect).  
It is not acceptable.

Someone wrote a replacement, minbif (http://symlink.me/wiki/minbif),  
which is more IRC-ish, with funny new features, and using the pidgin  
library; the later is quite ugly, but probably not more than the  
Bitlbee counterpart, and would ensure up-to-date plugins for your  
favourite IM networks (with more choice btw). So, we decided to drop  
Bitlbee support and switch to minbif completely in the begining of  

If you want to switch to minbif, or discover it, please ask an admin  
for an account.

=== Tōshirō's Reboot ===

Here it comes. Toushirou started again misbehaving, after 224 days  
working nicely, so it will be rebooted tomorrow (2010-01-07) during  
the afternoon. A full disk check is needed, so please be patient. SSH  
users, don't forget to close your session before reboot; it will be  
advertised on IRC a few minutes before.

Hope the rest of the year would be more calm...

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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