[DC-Users] DuckCorp, 10 years old already !

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Mon Apr 26 15:15:53 CEST 2010


You are a DuckCorp user, sponsor, or friend, so we wanted to invite  
you to the 10th anniversary of DuckCorp. It's the first time a such a  
"social" event is organized, but this time we wanted to meet you and  
have a look back at what we've done so far.

The meeting will take place on 2010-05-29 near Paris (so you can book  
this date for sure). We do not want a corporate party, but something  
unaffected and relaxing, so we decided to organize a picnic. As the  
weather seems to get better and better each day, it should be  
enjoyable :-), but we can still fall back on indoors eating if  
necessary. The exact location and time would be communicated later,  
but it should start around 13:00.

I've been told it would be interesting for people to visit a  
datacenter (most "normal" people don't live in there and have never  
seen how the Internet works), so it should be possible to visit  
Toushirou in the morning before the picnic, for a small amount of  
persons (but we may still organize another visit later if too much  
people are interested).

In the evening, it is highly probable some of us end-up in a bar  
and/or restaurant for an unofficial continuation, so you are welcome  
to follow us :-).

By the way, we started a new wiki dedicated to user-oriented information here:
You'll see a map of the network and some kind of historical résumé  
from the creation. It is currently readable by everyone (but this may  
change in the future), and users may login and contribute with their  
LDAP account (only a few pages are locked, but can be discussed).

Please tell us if you expect to attend this meeting. It is necessary  
to "register" for the datacenter tour at least a week in advance to  
organize the visit(s).

May the CoinForce be with you !

P.S.: You may reply to 10th-anniversary at duckcorp.org for  
general-interest discussions, but please use the Dc-Admin mailing-list  
to notify your coming or ask specific questions, so as not to spam  

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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