[DC-Users] A few activities between summer sunny nap and winter hibernation

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Sun Sep 13 15:44:16 CEST 2009


=== Orfeo Migration ===

Everything went fine. IPv6 connectivity was restored a few hours  
later. Thanks Hivane for handling this move quite transparently. More  
planification would be better though ;-).

=== Arch Support is Gone ===

As planned, Tla/Arch support was removed on Toushirou. Users which had  
not converted their projetcs to another VCS can find a backup of their  
data in a 'arch-devel-archives.tgz' archive in their home directory.

It was a nice tool...

=== FTP Security ===

As one user reported, ftp.duckcorp.org is not very secure, as you  
authenticate on an unsecured connection when you need to upload new  
content. So, we decided to improve the situation.

 From now on, you should be using ftps.duckcorp.org instead. This  
virtual host enforce using TLS before authenticating. Around october,  
15th ftp.duckcorp.org will connect you to the public part of the FTP  
data, and you won't be able to do any modification using this vhost.  
Nevertheless, authenticating using TLS would probably be retained, in  
order to leverage a few limitations, like FXP allowance.

In the meantime, the physical layout in the /ftp directory will be  
changed to allow more vhosts in the future.

=== DB Migration ===

As users do not use PostgreSQL, migration to 8.4 was done recently. Do  
not hesitate asking for an account if you need.

MySQL is widely used, and is being upgraded to a new major version  
soon, around november, 15th. So, we will take care of any wide needed  
actions, like running REPAIR on all tables (needed for FULLTEXT  
indexes and probably a few other things), but we need YOU to check for  
incompatible changes in the software you use. System-wide softwares,  
like Mediawiki and Gallery2, will be handled by our staff, so you  
don't need to care about. For more information, please look at:
You can contact us in order to provide a SQL script to run at  
migration time if needed.

=== Toushirou Kernel upgrade ===

Toushirou is being used for shells/screens and IRC proxy (bip), so it  
is not easy to reboot it without you noticing, but sometimes, because  
of so much security problems, it is needed. We plan to reboot it soo,  
probably September, 19th, around midday.

=== IRC Plan ===

The test server is working pretty well. We plan to upgrade it to a  
testing version very near the final release, test it a bit (mostly SSL  
links, with another test server), and replace production softwares  
before the end of the year.

=== LDAP Work ===

Important changes were done, and further migrations should be less intrusive..

That's all for now. Don't forget help and donations are still warmly welcome..

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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