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Thu Feb 12 03:21:08 CET 2009


=== Coinings ===

First of all, Happy new year to everybody. We are late because we were  
still eating chocolates and drinking beer, and had no time for lusers  

=== Network Migration ===

We love it... Our network provider now has a wider range of IPv6  
addresses, but unfortunatly this is not an extension of the previous  
one, so we are going to move to new addresses during the we. In fact  
HQ and tunnel provider addresses were already moved, but the other  
changes may not be unnoticed, so you are warned.

=== Webdesk ===

We recently (this night) added the Trean extension to Horde, so you  
can play with bookmark management from now on.

=== Calls ===

I know this is quite boring, but i'd like to remind the call for help  
and the call for funds are still actives.

No more bad news for today... ;-)

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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