[DC-Users] Reportin’ for duty

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Thu Dec 17 01:37:41 CET 2009


=== Secured FTP ===

One user reported a connection problem with the secured server,  
resulting in the following error:
   534 Unwilling to accept security parameters
This was due to a weird configuration problem on our server (probably  
a software bug). It is now fixed.

=== Postponed work ===

Due to overloading, the following tasks are postponed:
   - MySQL migration (5.0->5.1) was planned in november but will  
likely happen during the christmas holidays or at the end of january,  
so be prepared
   - Toushirou's reboot will perhaps happen during chrismas hollidays,  
but as it is not easy to plan, i'd rather contact people on IRC a few  
hours before
   - IRC migration should happen soon, as the test server is working  
nicely; you'll be warned... on IRC

=== Begging Time ===

Ho, this is already the end of the year. Not a so bad year, but we are  
still missing a few things :
   - workforce, to maintain DC/MP and help improve services and tools
   - funds, to pay the bill for these services
   - and a trusted and controlled KVM hosting, or perhaps a new  
machine, so as to restore the Earendil Hurd machine (used by HurdFr)  
and be able to debug it easily
If you think you can help in one of these areas, just contact us.

This said, have a merry X-mas everybody ! :-))

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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