[DC-Users] Frozen view of the present situation

DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Mon Sep 3 20:54:08 CEST 2007


As announced, the last migration happened this we and few things were
fixed today. This was quite a difficult task, and we had several extra

=== The Mail ===

The mail routing with the new antispam software was a bit difficult to
setup, so the mail was reopened sunday night. The software should have
sent you a welcome with all important information about how to manage
your custom antispam settings (or will do so when you receive your first
mail on your new box).

All previous mails were moved out of Orfeo, before it dies. Seem we are
cursed, as the CPU or MB is not working properly anymore, and its future
needs yet to be discussed. The box Finger provided to move the data had
boot problems during the migration, and died a few hours later.

The good news is : nothing is lost, everything was moved or is still
available, as Orfeo's disks are alive. You should then find all your
previous mails in your new box. The IMAPS/POP3S/Webmail/Webdesk access
are still available and working. The automatic fetchmail process is also
back since this afternoon.

For the people still using direct mailbox access, it is right time to
use maildirs for good now, as it is now the only delivery backend
available now.

The procmail rulez were translated to sieve, with only minor problems,
are are working well, except for the ${n} regex replacements. We are
working on this issue. A ManageSieve server is available using
sieve.duckcorp.org, but it seems it is quite hard to make clients
interoperate with our sieve implementation. Nevertheless, the Webdesk
was reconfigure to use the sieve siltering rules ; it is working quite
well, except for the "Show Active Script" action, which is not very

The mailing-lists are working too, and are spam filtered since this
afternoon. Special users are available for each virtual domain, so as to
be able to setup custom antispam preferences, as any other mail user
would. It may be possible to give per-list custom filtering access in
the futur, but we do not believe this is a needed feature, so we won't
work in this direction until user's requests say the contrary.

=== Shells ===

Only a few shell access were reopened. The new policy is not yet
decided, but if you need back your access, we will consider reopening it
gently. Thus, by asking explicit demands, we hope to close ununsed

=== Communication ===

Our Bitlbee server was migrated and upgraded, and is now available
worldwide on the 6668 port as usual (on Ipv6 too). Ask us if you need an

The new IRC Services are coming real soon now ; Nohar kindly prepared
packages for us.

So, i would surely have forgotten plenty of things, but it would be
clearer when we get some sleep. Do not hesitate contacting us if you
need assistance.

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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