[DC-Users] Recent mail problems, coming maintenance, and a few other things

DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Mon Dec 31 18:35:03 CET 2007

A last one for this year...

=== Mail ===

Mail is not moving today, probably not tomorrow, so i guess Toushirou's
downtime would shift around 4-7 of january.

=== DNS ===

As i said, NS1 moved on Orfeo. But i forget to remind you, that if we
are hosting a slave zone for you, then you should authorize orfeo's IPs
(v4/v6) for zone transfers. You'd better "add" and not "replace" the
ACL, as it may still be necessary to move it again in case of problems
(i hope not).

Have a nice time tonight ! :-)

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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