[DC-Users] Recent mail problems, coming maintenance, and a few other things

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Mon Dec 31 01:24:02 CET 2007


=== Mail Problems ===

As we were preparing Orfeo to host the MX1 services, we decided to
upgrade the software (Dovecot part). A custom package is needed, and a
mistake was made, which should not have been a big deal if another
software (DSPAM) had not a silly bug. We have been warned quickly of
this issue, but stil a few (not many) mails have been rejected with
"unknown user" reason. We then had to block incoming mails a bit to fix
this annoying situation. Sorry for this mess :-(.

=== Orfeo NG ===

Seems i forgot to say Orfeo is back alive in a new body. Same spirit
inside, really !

Orfeo is gonna take over his prefered services, unloading Toushirou in
the meantime.

In fact, the problems with Toushirou, reason of the coming maintenance,
accelerated the need to get another machine. There is it now, allowing
for Toushirou's analysis without shuting down everything.

=== Mail Teleportation ===

Mail is gonna move to Orfeo, before Toushirou's maintenance. We have
been a bit delayed with the previous issue, but it may happen on monday
(yes it is still sunday here), or just after eating the last new year's
eve chocolates. So be prepared for a short but complete mail services

=== Sieve ===

If you forgot what is SIEVE, then read this:
Information on available features can be found here:
(we are using Dovecot 1.0.x)

With the previous software upgrade, comes several sieve/managesieve
fixes, which should ease your life a bit. Currently managesieve was an
experimental feature, but now you may consider it production
level. Still experiments with different clients should be done, like
IMP, but already we managed to get sieve-connect (in Debian package of
the same name) work with a small patch which can be found here:

You can use it both like a one-time command, or like an interactive
shell, like this :
  sieve-connect -s sieve.duckcorp.org -u <user>

This allow uploading/downloading/viewing sieve scripts in a special
per-user directory. You may then activate the script you want, which
would then be used for incoming mail instead of the current
script. Don't worry, your former script (before using managesieve
activate feature) would not be lost, but only moved in the special
directory under the name "dovecot.orig". In fact the activated script is
since then a symlink to the activated script in your special
directory. You then don't need anymore a shell access to manage your

Once Dovecot 1.1 is out, you'll be able to use the 'include' sieve
feature, thus having multiple scripts manageable on the server would
really makes sense.

=== Cummunication Services ===

Beware bitlbe is gonna move soon to Orfeo too. So check if you are using
the proper bitlbee.duckcorp.org alias.

Bip IRC bouncer is still down, but we hope to have it up again on
Orfeo. Maybe the bip problems were related to the strange problems on

=== DNS move ===

As you may have seen, our NS1 is already Orfeo. Toushirou is meant to
act as the NS2/NS3 (dual connectivity). Toushirou still needs a few
cleanups, but it is not a big deal. Nevertheless, zones modifications
are no more possible for users with a shell access at the moment. Do not
hesitate asking us modifications via mail.

Enough for today...

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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