[DC-Users] Last Mass bombing. Ignition !!!

DuckCorp Admin Team dc-admins at lists.duckcorp.org
Wed Aug 29 13:42:32 CEST 2007


The last big part of the migration is coming soon. Fasten your belt and
pray god :-).

=== Mail ===

Friday evening, all your mailboxes are moving to the new server, and
during the we all mail functions will follow. This is to say: you won't
have any mail access during the we, starting from friday, in the middle
of the afternoon. Incoming mails would then be stored on secondary MX
servers. As soon as possible, mail delivery and IMAPS access are gonna
be restored ; webmails and MLs access would follow.

Then, send every important mail you need before Friday afternoon, stored
messages you need to read using the offline mode of your mail client,
and use an external email in case of emergency. Everything should be
restored at the end of the we, but we cannot plan when exactly.

For people using procmail rules, please help us convert your rules to
a sieve script.

=== Web ===

Seems Everything went fine for the remaining sites. FTP access for
modifying your site is work in progress and should be available
soon. Shell accesses will be reexamined and reopened _later_ for people
having real needs.

Webstats are disabled for now ; we plan to reopen it, but this is not a
first priority task.

=== Communication Services ===

Our new IRCd is behaving quite well. IRC Services should come soon, as a
package is nearly ready, thanks to Nohar.

The IRC Proxy, bip, is already working well since a few days, and logs
available through the private part of the FTP server.

Bitlbee is quite more of a problem to move, as a local access is
currently necessary. Either we would give you back a shell account,
either we would allow your IPs to connect to it. It should be moved
during the we or in the following week.

Our Jabber server is not moving yet, and perhaps not before Orfeo is
back for real. Whatever, at least we plan to link it with our new
database, so adding new account would be quite painless. This is gonna
happen soon, during a night. We should be able to send a server-wide
message to all users, or at least warn as many people as we can on IRC.

=== Homedirs and other data ===

For people having shell access, we are moving your homedirs in the same
shot as mails. All shell accesses will be closed at least until the end
of the we. Depending on your real needs, shell access may or may not be
reopened ; this is still an open discussion between admins on how we
should allow access to this service. Whatever, we won't leave you out
with your data locked, but just thin about copying things you might need
during the we.

Missing FTP data are moving with mails and homedirs, and will be
accessible quite quickly.

=== RCS ===

RCS data were moved, and we are working on giving you proper access to
it. Arch (tla/baz) archives are already viewable throught archzoom, but
this is all what is working at the moment. People whose shell access
will be restored would be able to use it in read/write mode. This
service may be interrupted while we need to make some tests, by making
files unreachable, so this is not yet a reliable service.

Ok, it should be enough for this time. Do not hesitate asking questions
on #DuckCorp channel on IRC. Next checkup sunday or monday, by mail if
everything went fine ;-).

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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