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Tue Aug 21 04:02:58 CEST 2007


Sorry for not being talkative enough about the progress, but we were
quite busy solving severals issues, and quite tired too.

=== Centralized Accounts ===

As we are now splitting services among multiple machines (in fact Elwing
was also used to help Orfeo, but mostly for totaly separate services),
the needed for account centralization was critical. Then we won't have
to create accounts on all machines where each user needs services, and
have to synchronize information (like passwords), as everything is gonna
be spread automatically.

This task is not fully complete : all accounts where created in the LDAP
databse, but some information needs to be added for each reactivated
service. This is partly why things are taking a bit longer than

=== The Web ===

Webmail / Webdesk services were quickly put back only a few days ago, as
a priority. And slowly other sites were switched on.

As i said, many (lightweight) sites are now located on LeChat (RtpNet
machine), so a database multi-master replication was necessary and a bit
difficult to configure. Now this difficulty is over and we are switching
on the other sites one by one. Don't worry about sql hostname
modifications, either we are doing it for you, or we are contacting you
for help.

The web migration should be over in one or two days.

== Databases ==

As said previously, MySQL is available on both Tōshirō and LeChat,
meaning applications (not only websites) are easily relocatable to
balance load.

Recently a PostgreSQL database was installed on Tōshirō to provide
access to a more serious database software. So you may ask for an
account in a few days/weeks. No replication is planned yet, so
applications outside Tōshirō won't be able to access the database yet.

You may also ask for an LDAP database the same way. LDAP is being
replicated on all MilkyPond hosts involded in user services.

The phpMyAdmin tool is available again, with phpPgAdmin and
phpLDAPadmin, on the following URL :
Beware experienced users ! The MilkyPond LDAP database is not yet ready
for user access, as we are regenerating the content frequently. So any
modification would be lost forever.

Notice the sql.duckcorp.org DNS entry, and the corresponding website,
are gonna disappear soon. More on new DNS hostnames later, they are
still under discussion.

== FTP storage ==

Both private and public data where moved from Orfeo, except for the
HurdFr public data (which will be moved in the next data move). FTP
profiles where activated, as it was on Orfeo.

=== Chat ===

A new IRCd software (with its services) are gonna be tested soon. Even
without services ready, we would probably switch is everything is ok, so
check your notices and reconnect if you find yourself alone in the

The (bip) IRC bouncer was moved to Tōshirō yesterday. Logs are available
in the FTP storage.

=== Network ===

IPv6 is back online, with broker services. Our old broker IP range is
now routed to Tōshirō, so you won't have to change your addresses and
DNS entries, only the endpoint IPv4 address (using tb.duckcorp.org).

Filtering rules have been strengthen a bit by the way.

=== Mail and homedirs ===

Another BIG move left, is moving mail to the new architecture. Fact is
we were already working on improving the routing and processing
capabilities, as well as anti-spamming methods, but we are now running
short of time to have all this work together well.

I won't talk about new features yet. But just give a word about the
major change : the anti-spam system is being switched to the DSPAM
software, which mean we would have to deal with plenty of spam until it
is trained. The good news is : it should be much easier for users to
manage and allow quite a lot of customizable features. It was also time
to split our training database, to allow "per user" spam filtering, as
we don't always agree on what is a spam or not.

As soon as it is ready, we are planning a quick move, meaning you won't
be able to access your mailbox during a short period of time. Incoming
mails won't be lost, as they would be taken care of be our secondary
MX. I just can advise you to watch your mails at least daily, or popup
on IRC, to be informed when it is happening. We will surely target late
night and/or we.

Homedirs will be affected too, as we plan to move data at the same
time. But this is not the only reason : Homedirs contains maildirs and
sometimes mail routing configurations. We plan to :
  - replace procmail rules with sieve scripts
  - move fetchmail rules into the private section of the FTP storage and
    update the current script to use them, until a better solution is
If other changes/difficulties occur, we will inform you as soon as

For users having procmail rules, we would be very greatful if you could
help us convert your rules to sieve. We don't want to deal with your
personnal mailing stuff, and this could save us a lot of precious time.
Sieve is a scripting langage for mail processing, with extended features
compared to procmail capabilities. It is described here :
The mail software we plan to use does not yet implement all the Sieve
language ; it is able to understand the following features:
  - fileinto
  - reject
  - envelope
  - vacation
  - imapflags
  - notify
  - regex
  - subaddress
  - relational
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.

It is late and i may have dropped things through my strainer-memory, so
i would complete this checkup in a futur post.

Oyasumi nasai !

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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