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=== News ===

Tōshirō was prepared and successfully installed in its definitive
location today, thanks to Yok, Nefou, and people from Hivane and Sivit.

Moving critical services has started. Our NS and NTP have moved a few
minutes ago. While this is transparent for NTP, you may have to do some
changes in you zone settings (see the following chapter if you have such

Mail and Web migrations are being prepared. Mails won't move until a few
days, because a few architecture changes and improvements will take
place, and because much testing is needed. You'll be warned when this is
gonna happen. Web pages should be more easily configured on the new box,
but because of the big amount of data, a solution needs to be found to
avoid taking years with the ADSL upload limitations. So, please be

=== NS Update ===

Tōshirō NS is available on two IPs:
  - ns1.duckcorp.org (replacing Orfeo)
  - ns2.duckcorp.org
It then ensure a "piece of redundancy", for network failures only.

You can ask for another NS (provided by Hivane) if you need full

When Orfeo is back in a datacenter, another NS would then be available.

A) If you have a master zone hosted:

A.1) for the master zone:

/!\ It is no more possible to edit your zone via shell access. A new
method would be available in the future, but this will have to wait
after the situation is all back to normal. if you need any change, then
ask us via mail or IRC.

If your registrar is Gandi and you gave us technical rights on your
zone, then everything was already made for you. Skip to B.2.

If not, then you should add ns2.duckcorp.org to your NS list for better
redundancy (in the registrar database only, the zone was already updated
by DC admins).

A.2) for the external slave zone(s):

Please update the masters which are now :

B) If you have a slave zone hosted:

B.1) for the slave zone:

There is nothing to do.

B.2) for the external master zone:

Please update the IP allowed for transfers with :

Moreover, you should add ns2.duckcorp.org to your NS list for better
redundancy (in the zone and in the registrar database).

Beware ! For those who had the unwise idea to use this kind of
configuration for their master zone:
@   NS  ns1.mydomain.tld.
@   NS  ns2.mydomain.tld.
ns1.mydomain.tld.   A
ns2.mydomain.tld.   A
First, ns2.mydomain.tld. does not exists, then you'll have to change the
server IP each time ns1.duckcorp.org moves. I agree this is a better
name for your domain, but people reading this kind of technical
information would soon understand you've got no real NS behind this
name. Moreover, either you've added the corresponding glue record, and
you are poluting important NS servers, either you didn't and you would
surely experience strange behaviors or even your whole domain be
unavailable. In either case, this is *WRONG*, correct it ! The right
configuration is:
@   NS  ns1.mydomain.tld.
@   NS  ns1.duckcorp.org.
@   NS  ns2.duckcorp.org.
ns1.mydomain.tld.   A

=== ... ===

If anything in this mail is unclear or if you need assitance for using
our services while maintenance is in progress, ask us via mail or IRC.

Stay tuned...

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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