[DC-Users] The Road goes ever on and on...

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Fri Aug 10 13:02:30 CEST 2007


We are on the move.

== The Plan ==

A new machine (Tōshirō), recently acquired, which was on the way to be
installed for production, is going to be moved this very sunday into a
datacenter. This was not the original plan, but we decided to haste
things a bit, and happily found a hosting for it.

Critical services are going to be "displaced" as fast as possible. A few
others will be handled one by one during the following days, because a
lot more configuration needs to be checked, and also lot's of data

== The First Step ==

As soon as general configuration and critical services are done, we are
going to push the web online again. Then, for those still having access
to their web content: please DO NOT modify or add anything starting from
sunday, or it will probably be lost while we are copying data to the new

== General Recommandations ==

Services may have unvolontary downtimes, please be patient. We are doing
our best, but unexpected problems sometimes happen.

Do not rely anymore on orfeo.duckcorp.org hostname, DO USE the proper
service alias (smtp.duckcorp.org, imap.duckcorp.org, ...) or you will
not be able to access services if they are moved to another machine. It
should already be ok, as we advertised aliases quite a lot ; be warned
we won't advertise any service relocation in the future if the admin
team deem it necessary. If you don't know the proper alias to use, just
ask us, via mail or IRC.

Drink beer ! It helps forget problems, forgive bad people, and is a good
social catalyst ;-).

Stay tuned...

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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