[DC-Users] Where we are, and where we go...

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= Where we are =

This afternoon (2007-08-08T15:29:07), without any warning or delay,
Nerim's boss decided to shutdown our main server, Orfeo. Thanks to
Nerim's friends and Hivane[1], the box was recovered in the evening and our
IPs routed to our HQ ADSL. Due to bandwidth limitations, it is no more
possible to provide full services.

Services unavailable :
  - Web (including chrooted SSH, Yoshi IRC Stats, and Wotomae)
  - FTP
  - Radio

= Where we go =

We are investigating possible relocation solutions. We currently believe
it is a matter of days before a hosting solution is found.

Moreover, a new machine was acquired recently. It is not yet ready for
production, and the hosting infrastructure is still being worked on by
our network sponsor Hivane[1], but it should be possible to improve
services availability. More on this topic soon.

= And what now ? =

Now is time to go to bed, we are tired...

[1] http://www.hivane.net/

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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