[DC-Users] Happy new year 2006 !

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Tue Jan 17 02:56:10 CET 2006


First, wanted to wish you lot's of happiness for this new year :-)

News follows:

1) Orfeo illness:

On 2006-01-07 morning, Orfeo suffered from a major hard disk access
problem, leading to most services being unusuable during most of the
day. After some attempts to take back control, a move to the datacenter
was scheduled. In the middle of the afternoon, Orfeo was up and ok
again. Investigations revealed a bug in the XFS subsystem ; a bug is
opened here:

2) Short SPAM infestation:

Due to a mistake i made on 2006-01-10 when upgrading amavid-new, the
mailer system was working half a day without spam check. Sorry for the

3) Really available BW:

Orfeo's bandwidth was meant to be 100Mbps in the new datacenter, but a
configuration mistake in the network equipment prevented us from taking
advantage of this nice upgrade. This was solved on 2006-01-16 morning.

4) Backup:

Due to increase of important data to backup, it was obvious the current
storage (60GB) was no more sufficient. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we
have a brand new disk and can now store as much as 300GB. The old disk
will move to Elwing, where the 8.4Go data hard disk was dead, providing
space for services located on Elwing and private data storage. this is
currently work in progress.

May the CoinForce be with you this year !

Marc Dequènes (Duck)
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